Revisit 21 Iconic Celebrity Cameos From Sex and the City

The onset of the new year is prime time for planning ahead. But before diving into the next decade, consider waving goodbye to this one alongside a particularly legendary group of women—in addition all the famous faces their beloved HBO series brought to the big and small screens.

New Year’s Eve 2019 is officially upon us, and E!’s Sex and the City marathon is already in full swing. For those who’ve yet to tune in, the cinematic celebration of everything SATC kicked off last night with the rom-com television show’s 2008 feature film followed by every episode ever aired during its acclaimed six seasons. E! is rolling out all 94 episodes in chronological order, which means interested audiences can still catch the latter half of season two in addition to seasons three, four and five if they start right now.

To prepare for this sentimental stroll down some fabulous Upper East Side sidewalk, we’re looking back at a handful of our favorite SATC guest appearances and celebrity cameos. And it isn’t a short list!

From Matthew McConaughey to Carrie Fisher to Sarah Michelle Gellar to Elizabeth Banks to Justin Theroux, SATC saw a medley of Hollywood personalities—those names are just a fraction of its overall guest talent headcount—temporarily spice up its set and storytelling onscreen.

So, before checking out the marathon (which is scheduled to run non-stop through tomorrow evening, Jan. 1), revisit a handful of SATC‘s most memorable cameos by scrolling through the photos below!

Which SATC celebrity guest cameo was your personal favorite?

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